Tack & Tailor in Femme Country Magazine

'The final magazine of 2022, where has the time gone! After an afternoon putting up the Christmas decorations and singing to Mariah Carey, it’s time to sit down to start circling those gifts for friends and family. But of course, no Winter Issue read would be complete without a mulled wine or Baileys in hand. Issue 16 shines above them all for gift guides, present ideas and style edits and this year we’ve cultivated the best items to turn your Christmas shopping from chaos to calm. Has your sister mentioned a brand she loves?! Dive into our official Gift Guide where our favourite picks which have been carefully arranged into a festive brand roulette! 

We are proud to further announce that Winter 2022 is our first ever issue to feature a brand inside the equestrian sector featuring our debut four-legged cover star! With the strap-line ‘Your Horse is our Customer,’ we meet the young lady behind the new brand creating the luxury wardrobe for your horses this season. Plus, with brand stories from established equine brands, Hook Polo and EquineShow 247, we’re so pleased to feature a diverse country pursuit inside the country landscape.

Winter features one exciting brand which embodies the publication so beautifully. We uncover the story behind country underwear label, Ossa Stark. With a fervour to strip the confined connotations strapped to the underwear industry, Femme Country chats with young female-founder, Grace Kennedy, to find out how she has pushed a new era onto the British underwear timeline with confidence. 

Don’t wait to long to grab your issue, as in one blink and they’ll be off the shelves! Get your country gift shopping secured early with Issue 16 and have a very Happy Christmas and a sparking New Year!'

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