First and foremost, at Tack and Tailor we are an 100% Equestrian business. This is all we live and breathe around here, and we believe this helps set us apart from some of the more general lifestyle brands out there.

Our core purpose is massively simple – we aim to provide you with luxury products that make your horse look and feel fantastic. Stylish and expertly designed horsewear, all of which are manufactured to the highest possible quality and ethical standards by suppliers we partner with and trust.

Talking about trust, at Tack & Tailor we are 100% committed to complying with the highest possible ethical and moral codes of behaviour. Every commercial or sourcing decision we take is always underpinned by a sense of doing the right thing. Being authentic and true is what makes us tick. We know that you want your horse  to look and feel their very best, whether wowing people in the show ring, training in the ménage, or out cantering out on your Sunday hack.

We understand that horses come in all shapes and sizes – as far as we at Tack & Tailor are concerned there’s no such thing as one size, style or product that fits all breeds. If you are struggling to find what you think might fit your horse, feel free to send us a message on our social platforms today for some personal recommendations, we are always happy to chat.

We understand that we are "the new kid" on the block and by no means the market leader. This motivates us to continue to improve our products and services as we understand that we have to try much harder than established companies. We will always bring to you the best product, at the best possible price and always give you great customer service and our personal attention.

About Us

Tack & Tailor was set up in 2020 with one aim – to create a horse-wear brand offering a range of high-quality products that you aspire to own and your horse loves so wear – it’s as simple as that!

Every product in our purposely restricted range has been expertly designed by leading creative experts who are leaders in their fields. Fabrics are performance tested to the highest possible standards, without compromise. We bring together high fashion, functional design and aesthetic desirability by bringing you products that perform and deliver time and time again.

Whatever the weather is throwing at you from above or your ride is challenging you from below, you can rely on Tack & Tailor to deliver. Our products will be ready to go again and to get you back in the saddle just as soon as you are ready.


A message from Olivia...

My love affair with equestrianism started when I was 3 years old, I quickly fell in love with learning to ride horses, spending time in lessons and even the caring aspects such as grooming and mucking out. I became obsessed with just being around horses and being with other people who felt the same way.

From an early age, I felt the sheer buzz of anticipation as the annual pony camp drew closer. I have felt mixed emotions in the days leading up to local show days - will I win a rosette and return home victorious, or will I be thrown off or end up with jump refusals and go home covered in muck?

Twenty four years on I still feel the same way, so much so that I have followed this passion to propel me forward and to launch my own equestrian brand, Tack & Tailor.

From the very start, I wanted to do something a little bit different. This is why I have chosen to design and manufacture great horsewear products that are luxury as well as being highly functional.

I understand the effort and work that goes into making your horse look it's very best before a big day out. The last thing any rider needs is to have horse-wear that can be awkward, difficult to use, or perhaps not as luxurious.  For years now, I have been ordering all kinds of products from loads of different brands and sadly quite a lot of them fell below my expectations. Either because they didn’t look right on my horses or that technically they failed to perform as promised.

My ambition is for Tack & Tailor to become a leading equestrian brand -one which I have designed to make your horse look and feel fantastic whenever and wherever you chose to use it